Saturday, January 29, 2011

Security Camera Catches Man Stealing Security Camera

Security Camera ThiefI think one of the biggest things that makes being alive so great is irony. Irony, for me, not only makes you think but it also makes for some pretty hilarious stories. Especially in the case of a crime that took place in Bakersfield, California not too long ago.

Now there are some pretty dumb criminals out there, I mean really dumb. Just watch an episode of Cops or one of those World's Dumbest Criminals Caught on Tape and you will see exactly what I am talking about. You will see criminals walk in to rob a place with a mustache drawn on with a Sharpie or who will rob a place in the winter then walk home in the snow leaving footprints right to their doorstep.

But what is probably one of the dumbest and most ironic stories I have read recently comes from Bakersfield, California where a man was caught on a video surveillance camera stealing, surprisingly enough, a security camera. According to local authorities, a man removed the video surveillance camera from a medical office in the 500 block of West Columbus Street.

I guess he didn't think about taking the other cameras as well. Or maybe he didn't see them? Whatever the reason this man deserves a spot on one of those shows. However, this does bring up some very interesting questions. Like why did he only take the one camera? Why was that camera so important? And why in the hell didn't he disguise himself? Even if there was only the one camera the owners of the system would still have the footage recorded from the camera before it was removed. Some people are just really really dumb.

Police say that the man appears to be in his 20s with a dark complexion and a slight beard. Anyone with information regarding the identity of the man is urged to call Detective Scott Miller at 326-3552.

Source: Kero 23 ABC News is news of, for and by SMBs! The Small & Medium Business Magazine!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Security Cameras Catch Potential Skimming Machine Criminal

Skimming Machine CriminalSecurity cameras have captured video surveillance of a suspicious man in Sarasota, Florida who was seen approaching an ATM with a strange looking device. Sarasota Police are asking for any information on the man in the video footage.

The device seen in the video appears to be what is known as a skimming machine. A skimming machine reads debit card numbers as debit cards slide through the ATM. The person who is operating the skimming machine can then use that information to clean an account of all funds or even steal a person's identity.

The man was seen placing the device on a Bank of America ATM in Sarasota. A customer called police after finding the skimming machine on the ATM outside of the Bank of America located on Fruitville Road near Lockwood Ridge Road. Police reported that the potential skimming machine victim removed the device which may have compromised trace evidence.

Police do believe that the citizen found the device before the criminal had a chance to steal anybody's identity. Police did manage to pull three photographs from a security camera mounted near the ATM. The photographs depict a man wearing a zip-up Ralph Lauren hooded sweatshirt and holding the device in his left hand. Police are still unsure whether or not the device in the photographs is the skimming machine but they want to find out. Police are asking anybody who recognizes the man to call Detective Ronnie Roberson at 914-364-7316.

Source: ABC Action News
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Decoy Security Cameras

Dummy Security CamerasWhen it comes to a high quality security cameras, some people cannot afford them. It is no surprise that some security camera systems out there can be expensive, and with the economy like it is, a security camera system is not in everybody's budget. But does that mean you should just leave your family and home completely unprotected? Absolutely not!

Just because you cannot afford a security camera does not mean you cannot have a security camera on your house. Confused? I'm talking about a dummy camera. A dummy camera is exactly what it sounds like, a camera that looks real but doesn't work. It doesn't record anything or see anything, it's just there.

By using a dummy camera it actually looks like you have a fully working security system. That is because dummy cameras look identical to real ones. With a dummy camera you may not be able to catch any criminals but you may be able to deter them from vandalizing your home.

Like I said before, dummy cameras don't work. They are not connected to anything but that doesn't matter because you are the only one that knows they are not connected. One of the very first things a criminal looks for is security equipment like a camera. Just the presence of a camera alone is, in most cases, enough to make any burglar think twice.

There are certain qualities you want to look for in a good dummy camera. The most important is that it needs to look real. Don't just have a camera mounted on a surface where a real one would have wires and things coming out of it. This is a simple solution but there are definitely more sophisticated cameras out there.

You can get dummy cameras that have flickering LED lights on them or even a motion sensor. These are great because they offer the most real scenario of a security camera. Dummy cameras with a motion sensor will move around just like a real one but they won't capture any images. If you go for a system like this, then you will have the peace of mind that goes with a real system.

Source: Security World News
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