Monday, January 30, 2012

Channel Vision Launches Channel Vision Security, a Free DDNS Service for Customers

One of the popular names in technology and surveillance, Channel Vision, has just announced that it will soon begin providing a free DDNS service to all of its surveillance system customers. The service, set to begin soon, will be known as Channel Vision Security and will allow the company's customers to no longer worry about a lost IP address or changes interrupting their security cameras or DVR services.

Channel Vision Security is a DNS service designed to continually track the IP address of your surveillance system and automatically change with any IP address change. In addition to that, a connection to the security camera or DVR will never be lost as a result of a change in IP address, whether your system is reset on purpose or your internet provider makes a change.

President and CEO of Channel Vision Darrel Hauk has stated that the introduction of Channel Vision Security will "simplify network management for Channel Vision clients." Hauk also added, "Now that DDNS hosting services are beginning to change and offer fewer free services, this program gives our customers another option for DDNS hosting. This is a great service that enhances the customer experience of our IP cameras and DVRs, as well as eliminating the frustration of keeping up with dynamic IP address changes or services provided by third parties."

Channel Vision customers can contact the company directly to obtain a URL for accessing their Channel Vision IP cameras or security DVRs via the internet. A personalized web address is also created to view your video feed from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet. In addition to that, this service allows users to have the convenience of knowing that their IP address will adjust without any intervention from them.

Source: CEPro - Channel Vision Launches Free DDNS Service for Security Customers

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dropcam Introduces New Dropcam HD Security Camera

Dropcam HDWhen it comes to home or small business security setups, a lot of people think that they need this big, flashy high-end security system. Not the case. If you want a basic, easy-to-use, simple and manageable security system for your home or small business, take a look at what Dropcam has to offer as the company promises to make monitoring your home and small business security really easy.

Dropcam has just announced its newest product, the Dropcam HD, an unusually small camera that is capable of providing an easy peek at your home or small business from any web-enabled computer or mobile device. What's more is that the Dropcam HD camera also promises to make viewing your camera feed extremely simple.

A statement from the company says that setup should be completed in literally sixty seconds. All you have to do is decide where you want to put your Dropcam HD camera and plug it in. Once that "excruciating" process is complete, select your WiFi network, personalize it and you're finished. That's it, literally.

As far as performance is concerned, the Dropcam HD can record in 720p HD H.264 video using an AES 256-bit encryption. The camera also promises automated night vision, allowing it to work the same in both day and night situations. In addition to that, after the setup is complete, you don't need any assistance from your computer which, additionally, doesn't need to be on for the cameras to work.

Real-time viewing is also free and includes things like email alerts or text alerts and, if you don't have the time to constantly monitor the camera feed, Dropcam offers a cloud-based DVR storage system. For only $9.95 per month, Dropcam will provide you with 7 days of storage, known as the Plus plan. The Pro plan increases that to 30 days worth of storage for a monthly fee of $29.95. You will be able to pick up the Dropcam HD camera from Dropcam sometime in March for $149.

Source: Electronic House - Dropcam HD Delivers 720p Security Camera

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Samsung Unveils Three New Wireless Security Cameras at CES 2012

Samsung WiFi inTouchSamsung Techwin America has just debuted three new security camera solutions at CES 2012, all of which are aimed at home consumers. One of the devices debuted at the show was the WiFi Video Baby Monitor and its WiFi Surveillance Camera. This combo is perfect for keeping an eye on your home and personal property. In addition to the WiFi Video Baby Monitor, Samsung also debuted its WiFi inTouch camera, which offers Skype integration for video calls directly onto your HDTV.

All of these devices also feature WiFi connectivity and are designed to make wireless video security and conference calling more easily available and accessible to a bigger audience.

The WiFi Video Baby Monitor and the WiFi Surveillance Camera both have the same features with slightly different designs. Both devices are IP-based cameras with a one-touch WPS button that allows for easy wireless pairing with your home network. In addition to that, you can also register your camera with, which allows you to view your live feed via a computer, smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever you want.

The camera features an infrared LED lighting for recording in low light situations and a speaker and microphone are also included for two-way communication while audio and motion sensors can be enabled for automatic recording. The camera records at 640 x 480 resolution in H.264 format and all the footage is uploaded automatically to a secure YouTube account. The Samsung WiFi Baby Monitor and WiFi Surveillance Camera will both be available in March for $149 each.

The WiFi inTouch camera brings internet connectivity to your HDTV and features a wide-angle lens, HDMI out, USB port, WiFi connectivity and a QWERTY remote. The inTouch also integrates Skype video chat as well as apps like YouTube and Google News to your HDTV. The camera itself stands on its own without the need of a computer and is also capable of 720p HD video.

The camera is powered by a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor with a heavily modified Android Gingerbread kernel. At launch there will be a total of five apps available and Samsung is promising more in the future. The WiFi inTouch camera will be available to the public in March for a retail price of $199.

Samsung is hoping that this new line of wireless security cameras will make home security a lot more simple and affordable for your average user since none of the cameras require a centralized server or any additional equipment. The inTouch camera should help bring a lot of internet-enabled features to older HDTVs without the need for an upgrade, and users will also be able to use their existing Skype accounts on the inTouch, allowing communication with any user on any Skype-enabled device anywhere in the world.

Source: PC Mag - Samsung Unveils Wireless Camera Solutions

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Axis P33 Series Dome Cameras

The Axis P33 Network Camera Series is a dome camera series from Axis that consists of two different types of models. The first is the Axis P33 Series and the second is the Axis P3301/P3304/-V Network Camera Series. Each series offers different features that are perfectly suited for different situations and needs and each has something to offer, no matter what your security camera situation is.

The Axis P33 Series is a full-featured indoor and outdoor fixed dome camera series that is specifically designed for efficient installation. There are a total of three different versions of the P33 Series. The first is your standard indoor dome camera. This model is perfect for keeping tabs on warehouses, storage rooms or factory levels. The next version is an indoor vandal resistant model. This does everything the regular indoor model does but has extra protection against tampering. Finally, there is the outdoor vandal-resistant model. This model has an IP-rated housing that makes it impervious to weather as well as vandal-resistant features to keep it safe from tampering.

Next up is the Axis P3301/P3304/-V Series. These cameras are smaller, more discreet indoor fixed dome cameras that come with a subset of the features found in the P33 Series. The Axis P3301/P3304/-V Series comes in two different models. The first is a standard indoor model and the second is an indoor vandal-resistant model. Both cameras work pretty much like the standard P33 Series indoor and indoor vandal-resistant cameras but with the subset of features.

The IP-rated protective casings for the cameras, as well as their discreet design, make these fixed dome cameras perfect for video surveillance in exposed areas like airports, subways, retail stores, schools and university campuses. They include features like high-performance video (including HDTV quality), multiple H.264 video streams, easy installation with remote focus and zoom, outdoor-ready models designed for extreme temperatures and Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Source: Business Solutions - AXIS P33 Network Camera Series

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