Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Opgal Launches First Fire Detecting Security Camera

Opgal Optronic Industries has just added long-range fire detection and fire risk assessment capabilities to certain models of the company's high-performance, uncooled thermal cameras. This new integrated option makes Opgal the only camera manufacturer that integrates an application-specific embedded fire detection video algorithm which has the ability to sense a fire and provide an automatic safety and security notification of the actual event.

This feature is available with a plethora of lens options and is easy to integrate thanks to its interface. Facilities that contain flammable materials, transportation tunnels, combustible storage areas and perimeter sites located near flammable forests are very susceptible to fire danger. With the EyeSec Fire Detection and Fire Risk Assessment solutions, these areas now have the ability to deploy an economical automated fire detection and alert tool that provides added security and safety to any surveillance system.

With the flame detection capability enabled, your camera will be able to detect a 30in x 30in fire as far away as 2,755 feet within 5 seconds. Detection ranges increase for bigger fires up to 6m x 6m from distances as far as 4 miles away, day or night. According to Business Development Director, C3 Shared Services, South Africa Brendon Cowley, "We see many applications for a fire-detecting security camera. It can be of use within our mining industry as well as to secure residential estates, where there are also safety concerns as the monitored areas are vast and include varied and flammable vegetation."

The fire risk assessment allows the camera to set up a temperature threshold where it then scans the area of interest and sends an alert when any object in its field of view reaches this critical temperature. Luca Carraro, Product Manager for Thermal Cameras, CELTE SRL, Italy added, "Opgal EyeSec's fire risk assessment capability addresses a whole new market that so far had no suitable solution. We see a real market need for a security camera capable of identifying and alerting when objects are about to malfunction due to overheating or at risk of catching fire. The combination of security and safety enables customers to address both concerns using one unified solution and one management system."

The fire-detection capabilities of Opgal's EyeSec cameras also take advantage of the company's specialized signal and image-processing features, which observe a video scene for specific flame and temperature patterns. Both of these features pay special attention to operator alerts as well. If a fire or risk is detected, the cameras add a visual alarm overlay to the outgoing video signal and generate an alert using a standard dry contact relay or through serial or IP communication. "EyeSec cameras are known for their high-quality thermal video, produced through our proprietary signal and image processing," said Yair M. Sakov, Vice President Security Business Unit, Opgal. "With fire detection and fire risk assessment as a value added, integrated analytics option, this versatile camera family not only supports security applications but also adds a valuable safety aspect to our customer's deployments."

Source: Security Park - The First Fire Detecting Security Camera is launched by Opgal

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Friday, February 24, 2012

JVC's New TK-T2101RU Mini Dome Camera

JVC TK-T2101RUJVC Professional Products Company has officially expanded its LoLux line of video security cameras with the addition of the new TK-T2101RU. This new camera is being touted as a cost-effective True Day/Night indoor analog mini dome security camera with integrated infrared LEDs that allow for exceptional performance in a plethora of different low-light conditions.

In addition to that, the new TK-T2101RU has the newly developed 10-bit signal processing and a 1/3" high resolution IT CCD. This allows the camera to provide 600 TV lines of resolution with a 52 db signal-to-noise ratio. The 2.8-10.5mm varifocal lens is also partially surrounded by 14 IR LEDs and sensitivity is 0.05 lux for color in low light situations, 0.0015 lux for black-and-white and 0 lux with active IR LED.

According to Vice President of JVC Security Group Ian Scott, "The combination of JVCs innovative LoLux technology paired with built-in no hassle IR LEDs delivers exceptional performance in low light and it eliminates the need for costly additional lighting. As a result, it's a more economical choice than some day/night cameras that require external light sources. Plus, it's easy to install and requires less power to operate, which contributes to a lower total cost of ownership."

Mini dome cameras are very popular in the security camera industry. Their small shape allows them to be installed almost anywhere and easily concealed. JVC is one of the top names in the security camera industry as well and is releasing this camera hot on the heels of the company's new TK-T8101WPRU Bullet Camera, which was also just announced. Both of these cameras are perfect for any type of security setup, whether it be in a warehouse, small business, storage unit or just at your own home.

Source: Broadcast Newsroom - New JVC Mini Dome Security Camera Features Integrated IR LEDs for Outstanding Performance in Total Darkness

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

JVC Unveils New TK-T8101WPRU Bullet Camera

JVC TK-T8101WPRUJVC Professional Products Company, which is a division of JVC Americas Corporation, has just announced its all new TK-T8101WPRU, a new outdoor analog bullet camera complete with 10-bit digital signal processing and integrated IR LED technology. This new camera will be a part of the company's innovative LoLux line of cameras as it provides true day/night performance in challenging lighting situations, including total darkness.

The TK-T8101WPRU comes equipped with a 1/3-inch high resolution IT CCD along with a 3.3-12mm varifocal lens for 600 TV lines of resolution with a 52 dB signal-to-noise ratio. Sensitivity in low light situations is 0.05 lux for color, 0.015 lux for black and white and 0 lux with active IR LED. In addition to that, the TK-T8101WPRU features automatic high light compensation for extreme white light and Easy Wide-D for backlight compensation.

The camera itself is housed in a die-cast aluminum case with tempered glass and a sun shield and is also dustproof and waterproof with an IP66 rated housing. The camera is also capable of operating in extreme temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 133 degrees. Other features include motion detection, privacy masking, digital noise reduction and on-screen menus for easy installation and setup.

According to Vice President of JVC Security Group Ian Scott, "When paired with an infrared camera, LED technology can produce security video in total darkness. Our new TK-T8101WPRU features 28 built-in LEDs, which allow for an IR distance of 115 feet, so there is no costly additional lighting needed. That means less expensive installations, lower total cost of ownership and exceptional low-light performance that's backed with a three-year limited warranty." The TK-T8101WPRU is said to available coming this March for an ESRP of $350.

Source: Broadcast Newsroom - New JVC Bullet Security Camera with Built-in IR LED Technology Delivers True Day/Night Operation

Security Camera Solutions

Monday, February 13, 2012

Security Camera Flaw Patched for TRENDnet Security Cameras

California-based residential security camera manufacturer TRENDnet announced last week that it just released a new IP camera firmware upgrade designed to neutralize a security flaw that was recently discovered. The flaw allows internet users to gain access to live footage from a user's security camera relatively easily without knowing the password. TRENDnet issued a statement about the flaw stating that the bug only affects camera models sold by TRENDnet since April 2010. Overall, TRENDnet has announced that they have identified 18 cameras that may require the update.

According to the company in a statement, "A recent product hack revealed a vulnerability present in several TRENDnet SecurView IP cameras. TRENDnet's security team understands that video from some TRENDnet IP SecureView cameras may be accessed online in real time. Upon awareness of the issue, TRENDnet initiated immediate actions to quantify the scope of the issue, initiate corrective actions, and publish updated firmware which resolves the issue."

The BBC published a story in which Zak Wood, the Director of Global Marketing for TRENDnet, blamed the flaw on a "coding oversight". The vulnerability, according to the BBC report, was first discovered by The Verge, a technology news website. The Verge revealed details about the flaw on a blog back in the beginning of January and alerted TRENDnet about the issue.

If you bought a TRENDnet security camera on or after April 2010, I highly recommend you get TRENDnet's upgrade, unless you like unauthorized people having access to your live security camera feed, potentially being harmful to your business, home or family. It's completely up to you.

Source: Security Info Watch - TRENDnet Fixes Surveillance Camera Security Flaw

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Basler Debuts New Indoor and Outdoor HD IP Dome Cameras

Basler BIP2-D1920c-dnBasler, a specialist company in digital camera technology, has just debuted two new IP dome camera models. The two new cameras are the BIP2-D1920c-dn outdoor and BIP2-D1920c-dn indoor with the former being an outdoor AF camera and the latter being an indoor AF camera. Both devices provide auto focus features as well as full 1080p video performance at frame rates up to 30fps. In addition to that, the cameras' integrated auto focus functionality makes the installation of these cameras easier as the lens can be easily focused through the cameras' web application.

Both the BIP2-D1920c-dn outdoor and BIP2-D1920c-dn indoor cameras come with built-in micro SDHC card slots for local storage of up to 32GB of data. What's more is that this functionality has been improved and optimized in order for live streams to be recorded to an SD card. It is also possible to store single camera images in configurable time intervals on an SD card loaded into the cameras.

The housing of the outdoor model is IP66-certified aluminium and the camera also has an operating temperature range from -40 °F to +122°F (-40 °C to +50°C) and is vandal-resistant. This makes the BIP2-1920c-dn perfect for outdoor surveillance and applications, especially in tough weather conditions or dangerous areas. The indoor model comes with a lightweight plastic housing and is also suited for indoor network video projects.

According to Basler Product Manager Bjorn Weber, "With the new auto focus functionality, manual focusing is a thing of the past. Our customers can continue to benefit from the enhanced ease-of-use of our IP dome cameras."

Source: SourceSecurity.com - Basler introduces full HD IP dome cameras into the market