Friday, July 1, 2011

New D14 DualDome Camera Released by Mobotix

Mobotix D14 DualDome CameraMobotix has just released the new Mobotix D14 DualDome Camera, a weatherproof and shock-resistant 6.2 megapixel surveillance camera that is the successor to the Mobotix D12 series of cameras. The Mobotix D14 DualDome Camera features two separately adjustable camera models, each with 3.1 megapixels. This camera series also offers a variety of ways to examine a scene due to the fact that the two models can be combined to create one image. In addition to that, the D14 also provides a digital PTZ and has absolutely no mechanical moving parts.

This camera, equipped with a 90-degree wide angle lens, is able to record an entire scene while the tele lens records portrait photos in front of a particular area at the same time. The two 90-degree lenses also allow for 180-degree recording when monitoring things that require such a feat. The addition of a digital sensor switching function also allows the D14 to be used as a true day/night camera since it is able to be equipped with one color and one black/white module.

This device also includes motion detection that can trigger a recording or an alarm and send a notification to you via email or VoIP. The D14 is also compatible with the SIP audio protocol. The integrated DVR includes up to 64GB of memory and also records for weeks without the need of an attached PC. On top of that, the memory can even be extended to terabytes with an external NAS drive.

The D14 is also very efficient to run considering heating and cooling are not necessary and that the device consumes a low 4W of power via a network cable (Power over Ethernet). There is also a version of the D14 that features a stainless steel, vandalism-proof design with a 3mm polycarbonate dome with wall and pole mounts also available.

Compared to the last generation model, the D14 offers USB and MxBus interfaces for extension modules like I/O, GPS or RS232. The new processor in the D14 also allows for a higher frame rate of up to 6.2 megapixel image format. Microphones and speakers are also supported by the new audio functions that include echo elimination.

According to General Manager, Americas, Mobotix Steve Gorski, "The Mobotix D14 combines the unique Mobotix decentralized approach to surveillance with 6.2 megapixel quality video to provide exceptional coverage of large areas with the detail required to correctly identify situations quickly.The Mobotix D14 enhances our comprehensive suite of innovative, high-resolution surveillance technologies that are all easy to install but also offer superb performance and advanced functionality."

Source: Tech Zone 360 - Mobotix Launches D14 DualDome Camera

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