Friday, July 29, 2011

D-Link Shows Off New Products

D-LinkD-Link just recently showcased IP camera security solutions for businesses at the ISC West conference that took place from April 1st through the 3rd. This included a live demonstration of a fully functional IP surveillance solution that featured D-Link's network cameras with PTZ, SAN storage, smart managed switches, Gigabit network interface controllers and a camera management application. In addition to that, D-Link exhibited the newest in internet security cameras and enclosures.

The latest innovation in IP camera technology from D-Link includes the award-winning SecuriCam Network Camera line. This camera line features a wide range of visual and auditory security cameras designed to fit multiple applications including static wall-mounted cameras, audio capabilities, wired and wireless deployment, two-way communication and power over Ethernet.

One of these new cameras, the D-Link network indoor dome PoE camera with Wide Dynamic Range and IR illuminator, features a state of the art WDR that compensates for extreme lighting contrast to give you perfect video capturing every time. In addition to that, it also features a built-in IR cut filter to capture video footage in complete darkness. New all-weather camera enclosures were also highlighted by D-Link.

A list of all the D-Link products that were on display at ISC West include:

IP Cameras:

  • DCS-6620 10/100 Internet camera, Pan/Tilt/Zoom, 10x Optical Zoom, Dual Codec, 0.05Lux

  • DCS-6110 Fixed Dome PoE Network Camera

  • DCS-3415 Fixed Network Camera, Day & Night, 18x Optical Zoom, PoE

  • DCS3410 Fixed NEtwork Camera, Day & Night , PoE

  • DCS-6111 Fixed Dome PoE Network Camera with Wide Dynamic Range

Camera Management Applications included:

  • D-ViewCam 2.x software

Switch included:

  • DXS-3227P with PoE (DXS-3227P xStack Managed 24-Port Gigabit Stackable L2+ PoE Switch, 4 Combo SFP, 1 Fixed XFP Slot, 2 10-Gigabit Slots)

Storage included:

  • DSN-3200-10 (xStack Storage 8x1GbE iSCSI SAN Array, 15 Bays, 3U, w/o Drives, with Trays)

And NIC Adapter included:

  • DGE-560T Gigabit PCI Express Network Adapter

Source: Security Camera News - D-Link Exhibits Newest In Internet Security Cameras At ISC West

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Canon Introduces New VB-M700F IP Security Camera

Canon VB-M700F IP security cameraCanon has just recently released its newest product, the 1.3MP VB-M700F IP security camera. This device is said to have the ability to produce high quality images in low light situations and also comes with built-in video analytics and OVIF conformance. It is also said that this new device is also a great camera for environments requiring an IP security camera.

The VB-M700F IP camera has a Digic Net image processor that captures HD images with high detail and color precision in environments of varying light settings. This device also comes equipped with Smart Shade Control to adjust contrast as well as Night Mode for increased sensitivity in dark areas. In addition to that, the camera comes with a 3x optical zoom lens and has a viewing angle of 102.5 degrees.

According to Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Imaging Technologies and Communications Group for Cannon U.S.A. Yuichi Ishizuka, "The security camera market is rapidly growing, and Canon has developed a range of megapixel security cameras combining superb image quality, Intelligent Features and innovations maximizing the proven advantages of video over IP for remote monitoring. The VB-M700F integrates advanced on-board technologies developed to address the unique needs of both security-monitoring professionals and camera installers alike."

In addition to that, this camera also integrates H.264 Codec for high compression rates while utilizing low bandwidth and space. The camera also allows streaming Motion-JPEG and H.264 simultaneously in different resolutions. Your camera is also protected from tampering and helps detect moving and stationary objects thanks to the built-in video analytics.

The Privacy Mask function is an additional added feature. This can be used to block the view of certain locations like an ATM's keypad. Audio jacks are also equipped which allow for two-way communication and the camera also displays location, date and time on the monitor. This camera also supports SSL for a secured connection as well as a memory card slot. Pre-loaded admin tools also do not require software installations and the RM Lite Network Video and Recording Software streams video at 5fps. The VB-M700F also offers conformance with ONVIF.

This device will start shipping from Canon in August for $979.

Source: Tech Gadgets - Canon VB-M700 IP security camera coming this August

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

341 New York City Buses Being Outfitted with Security Cameras

New York City bus security camerasBus drivers for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City are saying that the MTA is installing surveillance cameras on hundreds of buses in the city in response to a recent assault on another driver. According to Brooklyn's Union Bus Chair Willie Rivera, "The program will keep us safe."

MTA officials are saying that cameras are already operational on a total of 85 buses. MTA also states that these cameras are on buses that mostly travel on routes that lead them through high crime neighborhoods. However, 85 buses doesn't seem to be enough as MTA has said that they are installing cameras on an additional 341 buses.

According to Ed Kenny of the New York City transit Bus Operations, "It will give drivers a sense of security, knowing that the entire time they're on the bus, there is a witness to all activity." A total of six cameras will be mounted on each bus, five covering the interior of the bus and one covering the outside of the bus that points straight ahead.

Recording of the cameras is triggered by movement. Recording begins as soon as the first person steps onto the bus and ends five minutes after the last person gets off. MTA officials say that the cameras will not feed images back to its command center in real time, however. Instead, anything recorded will be stored on the hard drive of each individual camera for nearly a month. In addition to that, MTA officials say that the videos will only be looked at if an incident on the bus is reported.

The 341 buses will have their cameras installed towards the end of April, 2012 at a cost of $10 million. Officials also stated that MTA will decide within a month if 1,100 additional buses will be outfitted with cameras at a cost of $18,000 each. "Unfortunately, our streets can be kind of rough but we've been testing this system for over a year now and so far it's stood up to the rigors of bus service," said Kenny.

As with any security system in a public area, concerns are immediately evident. A lot of citizens and drivers are worried about their privacy, though Kenny says that is not an issue. "The footage is not going to appear on YouTube," he says. "It's only used internally, used by the police department if there is an incident."

Representatives of the bus drivers union have already given their support for the program. According to Rivera, "They need to advance it, but it's a good first step." The MTA has already stated that they agree the security system is a priority and one well worth focusing on.

Source: - MTA To Install Surveillance Cameras on 341 City Buses

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cisco Helping China Monitor Citizens?

CiscoIn recent security camera news Cisco, along with a host of other western companies, is working with the Chinese government to install an outrageous 500,000 surveillance cameras in Chongqing, a very rapidly growing commercial and industrial metropolis.

In a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, it was cited that Cisco will supply the networking equipment required for the immense security camera system. The Chongqing government declined comment to the Wall Street Journal as did China's Ministry of Public Security and State Council Information Office.

There has yet to be a lot of information published in the West about the security camera system which has been given the title "Peaceful Chongqing". However, a notice on one of the city's news sites, Chongqing Currents, reports that a Peaceful Chongqing "mobilization and deployment meeting" was held back in March. The goal of this project is to make Chongqing "a city with good security, harmonious peace and safety for investment, and to provide stable society for promotion of the harmonious urban and rural development."

What is interesting is that Google's link to the original reference to Peaceful Chongqing in the Chongqing Currents just turns up a Chinese-language 404-error page. It is currently against the law to provide the Chinese government with crime-control products thanks to legislation passed after the uprising that was known as Tiananmen Square was crushed by Chinese troops. "The United States-China Act of 1991" was passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate, but was later vetoed by then-President George H. W. Bush.

It is difficult to determine what the law that was passed by Bush covers and what it doesn't. Fingerprinting equipment, for one, falls under the law where networking equipment for a security camera system is something a little different. Cisco flat out denies that it has stepped over the line in the Middle Kingdom. According to Cisco General Counsel Mark Chandler, "Cisco does not supply equipment to China that is customized in any way to facilitate ... surveillance of users. Cisco supports Freedom of Expression, an Open Internet and Human Rights."

Chandler's stand isn't entirely out of line, though the word "customized" is a little flimsy. However, an extremely repressive government that has a long and dark history and current practice of suppressing dissent and monitoring the behavior of its citizens could easily turn something as harmless as a Cat6 patch panel into an instrument of the government's watchful eye and iron fist.

Peaceful Chongqing is set to go live over the course of the next two to three years.

Source: The Register - Cisco drives epic Chinese surveillance network, says report

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Friday, July 1, 2011

New D14 DualDome Camera Released by Mobotix

Mobotix D14 DualDome CameraMobotix has just released the new Mobotix D14 DualDome Camera, a weatherproof and shock-resistant 6.2 megapixel surveillance camera that is the successor to the Mobotix D12 series of cameras. The Mobotix D14 DualDome Camera features two separately adjustable camera models, each with 3.1 megapixels. This camera series also offers a variety of ways to examine a scene due to the fact that the two models can be combined to create one image. In addition to that, the D14 also provides a digital PTZ and has absolutely no mechanical moving parts.

This camera, equipped with a 90-degree wide angle lens, is able to record an entire scene while the tele lens records portrait photos in front of a particular area at the same time. The two 90-degree lenses also allow for 180-degree recording when monitoring things that require such a feat. The addition of a digital sensor switching function also allows the D14 to be used as a true day/night camera since it is able to be equipped with one color and one black/white module.

This device also includes motion detection that can trigger a recording or an alarm and send a notification to you via email or VoIP. The D14 is also compatible with the SIP audio protocol. The integrated DVR includes up to 64GB of memory and also records for weeks without the need of an attached PC. On top of that, the memory can even be extended to terabytes with an external NAS drive.

The D14 is also very efficient to run considering heating and cooling are not necessary and that the device consumes a low 4W of power via a network cable (Power over Ethernet). There is also a version of the D14 that features a stainless steel, vandalism-proof design with a 3mm polycarbonate dome with wall and pole mounts also available.

Compared to the last generation model, the D14 offers USB and MxBus interfaces for extension modules like I/O, GPS or RS232. The new processor in the D14 also allows for a higher frame rate of up to 6.2 megapixel image format. Microphones and speakers are also supported by the new audio functions that include echo elimination.

According to General Manager, Americas, Mobotix Steve Gorski, "The Mobotix D14 combines the unique Mobotix decentralized approach to surveillance with 6.2 megapixel quality video to provide exceptional coverage of large areas with the detail required to correctly identify situations quickly.The Mobotix D14 enhances our comprehensive suite of innovative, high-resolution surveillance technologies that are all easy to install but also offer superb performance and advanced functionality."

Source: Tech Zone 360 - Mobotix Launches D14 DualDome Camera

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