Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vumii Introduces New Accuracii Long-Range Thermal Surveillance Cameras

Vumii Imaging Incorporated, which specializes in thermal and near-infrared security cameras, has just announced its newest line of cameras, the Accuracii Long Range Video Surveillance System family of cameras. This new camera line combines long-range continuous-zoom thermal and color video channels on a 360 degree pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) positioner, making them perfect for 24/7 surveillance.

This new camera line from Vumii is also fully configurable and comes with several different thermal options including three cooled cameras as well as a continuous-zoom uncooled thermal camera in addition to high definition or standard definition color choices with a wide range of lens options.

These cameras also incorporate industry standard communication protocols as well as easy installation and integration, which allows Vumii to provide these cameras to government organizations, seaports, airports, power utility plants and commercial properties, offering these places a versatile and economical solution that is capable of remote observation and surveillance at distances of up to 12 miles away in either day or night settings.

According to Vumii CEO Randall Foster, "This latest platform is based on more than 30 years of experience and innovation and utilizes our uniquely engineered components for maximum image quality, visual details, situational awareness, user friendliness and 24/7 threat assessment. These new camera systems further enhance our expanding line of surveillance products by delivering long-range day and night continuous-zoom performance, high thermal sensitivity and brilliant daytime color images while withstanding harsh outdoor conditions."

Accuracii is currently available with MWIR 640x512 cooled 15u detectors and three high quality zoom lens options. Aside from that, you can also opt for an innovative LWIR 640x480 uncooled 17u detector coupled with a 25-225mm continuous zoom lens. The LWIR thermal camera provides you with a drastically lower total cost of ownership, however, by eliminating the need to have scheduled maintenance compared to a cooled camera.

Source: Market Watch - Vumii Introduces New Family of Long-Range Surveillance Cameras
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