Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GE Simon 3 Wireless Home Security System

Are you in the market for a new wireless security system that will keep you safe without breaking the bank? Then you should consider the new GE Simon 3 Wireless Home Security System. The GE Simon 3 Wireless Home Security System is one of the most advanced systems on the market and will only cost you around $200.

In addition to being affordable, this system is also very easy to install and set up. The GE Simon 3 system is currently one of the most user-friendly products on the market with installation consisting of following a voice-prompted setup. In addition to that, the GE Simon 3 comes with flexible options that are tailored to your specific needs. You may not require constant monitoring and may just want to be notified via email or cell phone if the system detects something. That is all possible with this device.

Like most wireless security systems, the GE Simon 3 can control lights and appliances within your home or even make sure your children arrive home from school safely. This is accomplished thanks to Latchkey Notification which allows the GE Simon 3 panel to actually notify you if your children do not arrive at a predetermined time. Other features include remote event notification, voice cues for easy programming, built-in siren and the ability to add external sirens. It also supports all ITI Crystal and SAW sensors.

In addition to being cheaper than a lot of other systems, the GE Simon 3 could also decrease your homeowner's premium by nearly 20%, which would pay off the system in just one year. When you purchase this system, you will receive the Simon 3 Security Control System, up to 10 wireless SAW Door/Window Sensors, telephone jack and flat cord, 4 security window stickers, rechargeable 24 hour backup battery and a user video as well as technical support.

Source: Security World News - What Is So Great About The GE Simon 3 Wireless Home Security System is news of, for and by SMBs! The Small & Medium Business Magazine!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cisco Unveils New Security Camera Network Technology

CiscoCisco Systems Incorporated recently debuted some new technology for use in conjunction with security cameras and video footage at a recent trade show in Florida. Cisco, based in San Jose, California, is aiming its new software toward banks and other businesses that may need to build network-based security systems.

Cisco has increased its video surveillance manager products in order for the company to be able to handle as many as 120 terabytes of storage. In addition to that, the company has also brought out products that are designed to improve communication between employees and emergency personnel who may be using different types of radios or cameras.

Internet protocol cameras on a security network can be remotely configured as soon as they are linked to a network. In addition to that, they can also be remotely tested in case there is ever a problem that arises with them. These features, as well as many others, make it much easier for a company to have security camera networks at their buildings. By being able to remotely handle many tasks, you limit the need to call customer support or have a technician come out and fix the problem for you, saving you time and money.

This is sort of a new business venture for Cisco, a company that usually focuses more on hardware than network technology services. However, Cisco does have a good track record of making products that work and security camera network technology is certainly a rapidly growing industry. I'm sure whatever Cisco throws into the mix will do just fine amongst the competition.

Source: San Francisco Business Times - Cisco Systems moves into security camera network technology

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Thermal Analytics Processor from VideoIQ and FLIR

VideoIQVideoIQ has just recently partnered with FLIR to create a premium solution in order to provide analytics, edge NVR storage and IP video encoding that is optimized for FLIR's high-performance thermal camera range. The Thermal Analytics Processor, when combined with FLIR's SR Series or F Series of cameras, will create an effective and affordable solution for perimeter thermal security.

The Thermal Analytics Processor uses VideoIQ's new proprietary FLIR Mode analytics which is specifically tuned to get the most out of FLIR's high-resolution thermal imaging cameras. The Analytics Processor, when paired with FLIR's thermal cameras, allows you to automatically classify detected objects as either people, vehicles or boats with absolutely no calibration.

The Thermal Analytics Processor provides 160GB of on-board NVR storage which eliminates the need to stream images to a central NVR and also reduces network traffic and bandwidth by as much as 90%. This processor makes FLIR's cameras plug-and-play compatible with existing IP networks too by automatically encoding analog video from a FLIR camera into an IP video signal. In addition to that, the processor also supports integration with multiple VMS systems including Genetec, Milestone, ONSSI, Lenel and VideoIQ View.

According to a statement from Vice President of Security and Surveillance at FLIR Systems Bill Klink, "In partnership with VideoIQ, we've created the most effective and affordable off-the-shelf solution for security detection, analysis, alarming, recording and notification."

Ed Bednarcik, President and CEO of VideoIQ added, "By working with FLIR, we've developed the most scalable and accurate zero light surveillance solution available on the market for critical infrastructure, government and transportation customers, whether they're deploying a single camera in a remote location or hundreds of cameras to protect a large facility."

Source: The Sacramento Bee - VideoIQ and FLIR Announce New Thermal Analytics Processor

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Samsung Introduces Two New Dome Cameras

Samsung SCV-2081 Dome CameraTwo low-cost additions to Samsung's compact vandal-resistant dome CCTV camera line were released recently, the SCV-2081 and SCV-3081, both of which are compact surface-mounted dome cameras that have both indoor and outdoor functionality.

Both of these new models are housed in a highly durable die-cast aluminum chassis and both are also IP66 rated and capable of surviving sustained punishment. They also have a plethora of uses including uses at offices, retailers, parking lots, schools, hospitals or even homes.

According to Senior European Product Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe Peter Ainsworth, "Although the SCV-2081 and SCV-3081 will operate effectively at temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius and incorporate all the key features other dome cameras in the Samsung vandal-resistant dome camera range, their price point is considerably lower than other models which are built to withstand much lower temperatures. As a result, the SCV-2081 and SCV-3081 make the perfect solution for those applications that are prone to attack or tampering, but do not suffer from extreme cold weather conditions."

As far as specs go, the SCV-2081 has a built-in 3.6x varifocal lens and also incorporates Samsung Techwin's W-V DSP chipset in order to give you higher quality color images at up to 600 TV lines color resolution. In addition to that, it also comes with Samsung Super Noise Reduction technology as well as coaxial control compatibility which allows the on-screen display menu to be accessed from the control room through a compatible DVR.

The SCV-3081, on the other hand, comes with a built-in 3.9x varifocal lens and has Samsung Techwin's SV-V chipset. This chipset shares all the advanced features of the W-V chipset with cameras with Wide Dynamic Range and Progressive Scan.

Source: Wavestore - Samsung introduce two new dome CCTV cameras

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