Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Basler's New HD IP Dome Camera Line Goes Into Series Production

Basler, a digital security camera specialist, has just begun a new series of IP dome camera models. The BIP2-D1920c-dn, which is an outdoor dome camera, and the BIP2-D1920c-dn, which is an indoor dome camera, will both offer auto focus functionality as well as deliver real-time video frame rates of up to 30 frames per second at a full 1080p HD resolution.

The integrated auto focus functionality makes these new IP dome cameras from Basler extremely easy to install. The lens can be easily focused via the cameras' web application, making manual focusing obsolete. All you have to do is put the camera in the position you want it in and then focus the lens from the comfort of your desk. Even if the camera loses focus, refocusing is only a click away.

In addition to the built-in auto focus functionality, Basler's IP dome cameras also have a built-in microSDHC card slot for local storage of up to 32GB of data. This type of functionality makes it possible to store a ton of video footage as well as live streams and single camera images in configurable time intervals directly on a portable SD card.

The new outdoor BIP2-D1920c-dn camera is also housed in an IP66-certified aluminum housing and is capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -40 °F to 122 °F (-40 °C to +50 °C). The housing is also vandal-resistant for the outdoor BIP2-D1920c-dn model, making it perfect for any outside surveillance system. The indoor BIP2-D1920c-dn model is equipped with a lightweight plastic housing, making it perfect for indoor network video surveillance systems.

If you are looking for a solid indoor or outdoor security camera then the indoor or outdoor BIP-D1920c-dn IP dome cameras may be perfect for you. Auto focus functionality coupled with IP66 weatherproof, vandal-resistant housing make a dynamic duo, perfect for any surveillance situation.

Source: Wavestore - Basler Full HD IP Dome cameras with auto focus functionality now in series production.

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