Friday, May 20, 2011

First Thermal Imaging Surveillance Camera Debuts in Israel

Opgal Optronics EyeSecIsrael has some interesting news for the security camera industry. Over in Israel a continuous zoom, thermal-imaging camera, which behaves much like a standard CCTV security camera, has just been launched by Opgal Optronics.

According to Opgal, the EyeSec 15-11mm Continuous Zoom camera is a 24/7 outdoor thermal security camera that is used in the observation and monitoring of sensitive sites. The camera is able to present a clear thermal video and image in total darkness, light fog or even smoke which allows for performance that is unmatched by any average security camera.

According to Vice President of Opgal Security Business Unit Yair M. Sakov, "This unique thermal-imaging camera gives control-room operators the same feel and ease of use as with a standard CCTV -- in other words, continuous zoom auto-focus with thermal capabilities for night vision. In fact, by translating day-imaging capabilities into night vision features, we have redefined the way thermal imaging is perceived."

Sakov went on to say, "In the not so distant past, continuous-zoom capabilities were only available in expensive, cooled thermal cameras. Thanks to Opgal's expertise in this field, customers can now benefit from a very affordable un-cooled camera for optimum night vision for any security application."

The EyeSec is based on Opgal's highly sensitive un-cooled microbolometer engines and offers night and day surveillance. You can also get different optics with a range of focal lengths to fit virtually any need you may have including a long, narrow distance or a short, wide distance.

Source: UPI - Thermal imaging surveillance camera debuts

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