Friday, July 22, 2011

Canon Introduces New VB-M700F IP Security Camera

Canon VB-M700F IP security cameraCanon has just recently released its newest product, the 1.3MP VB-M700F IP security camera. This device is said to have the ability to produce high quality images in low light situations and also comes with built-in video analytics and OVIF conformance. It is also said that this new device is also a great camera for environments requiring an IP security camera.

The VB-M700F IP camera has a Digic Net image processor that captures HD images with high detail and color precision in environments of varying light settings. This device also comes equipped with Smart Shade Control to adjust contrast as well as Night Mode for increased sensitivity in dark areas. In addition to that, the camera comes with a 3x optical zoom lens and has a viewing angle of 102.5 degrees.

According to Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Imaging Technologies and Communications Group for Cannon U.S.A. Yuichi Ishizuka, "The security camera market is rapidly growing, and Canon has developed a range of megapixel security cameras combining superb image quality, Intelligent Features and innovations maximizing the proven advantages of video over IP for remote monitoring. The VB-M700F integrates advanced on-board technologies developed to address the unique needs of both security-monitoring professionals and camera installers alike."

In addition to that, this camera also integrates H.264 Codec for high compression rates while utilizing low bandwidth and space. The camera also allows streaming Motion-JPEG and H.264 simultaneously in different resolutions. Your camera is also protected from tampering and helps detect moving and stationary objects thanks to the built-in video analytics.

The Privacy Mask function is an additional added feature. This can be used to block the view of certain locations like an ATM's keypad. Audio jacks are also equipped which allow for two-way communication and the camera also displays location, date and time on the monitor. This camera also supports SSL for a secured connection as well as a memory card slot. Pre-loaded admin tools also do not require software installations and the RM Lite Network Video and Recording Software streams video at 5fps. The VB-M700F also offers conformance with ONVIF.

This device will start shipping from Canon in August for $979.

Source: Tech Gadgets - Canon VB-M700 IP security camera coming this August

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