Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bosch Adds Dinion IP Cameras to HD Camera Line

Bosch Security Systems has just introduced the newest additions to the Bosch HD portfolio, the Dinion HD 1080p Day/Night IP camera series. These IP cameras combine full 1080p HD images with excellent low light operation and color reproduction in order to provide you with an advanced level of detail for your surveillance applications.

The Dinion HD 1080p IP cameras deliver very clear images, even in busy, colorful locations. This is thanks, in part, to a specially selected image sensor which delivers superior detection and analysis. Images are very clear, which makes it easier to identify items, while different color tones can be distinguished, even in bad lighting.

These 2-megapixel cameras enable easy identification of things such as faces, objects and alphanumerical information over a wide area. Users will be able to zoom in on any point of a scene in order to examine specific details without sacrificing clarity of picture. These cameras also produce images with a 16:9 aspect ratio that provide increased situational awareness with a maximized field of view.

In addition to that, these cameras also have built-in Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), which flags alarm events on screen to make sure that operators never miss a thing. The higher pixel densities also enable these cameras to optimize the performance of IVA with improved detection for things like loitering, line crossing and other potential threats.

Installation and set-up is also very simple. The cameras have a quick start-up as well as user-friendly controls for a speedy configuration. In addition to that, the motorized automatic back focus makes finding the perfect image the first time easy and also ensures accurate focus for both day and night operation.

The Dinion HD cameras also feature Power over Ethernet (PoE), so no additional power supplies are necessary, making them very energy efficient. These cameras also conform to the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard, making integration with third-party security solutions easy.

Source: IP Security Watch - Bosch adds new Dinion cameras to its HD camera portfolio

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