Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Thermal Analytics Processor from VideoIQ and FLIR

VideoIQVideoIQ has just recently partnered with FLIR to create a premium solution in order to provide analytics, edge NVR storage and IP video encoding that is optimized for FLIR's high-performance thermal camera range. The Thermal Analytics Processor, when combined with FLIR's SR Series or F Series of cameras, will create an effective and affordable solution for perimeter thermal security.

The Thermal Analytics Processor uses VideoIQ's new proprietary FLIR Mode analytics which is specifically tuned to get the most out of FLIR's high-resolution thermal imaging cameras. The Analytics Processor, when paired with FLIR's thermal cameras, allows you to automatically classify detected objects as either people, vehicles or boats with absolutely no calibration.

The Thermal Analytics Processor provides 160GB of on-board NVR storage which eliminates the need to stream images to a central NVR and also reduces network traffic and bandwidth by as much as 90%. This processor makes FLIR's cameras plug-and-play compatible with existing IP networks too by automatically encoding analog video from a FLIR camera into an IP video signal. In addition to that, the processor also supports integration with multiple VMS systems including Genetec, Milestone, ONSSI, Lenel and VideoIQ View.

According to a statement from Vice President of Security and Surveillance at FLIR Systems Bill Klink, "In partnership with VideoIQ, we've created the most effective and affordable off-the-shelf solution for security detection, analysis, alarming, recording and notification."

Ed Bednarcik, President and CEO of VideoIQ added, "By working with FLIR, we've developed the most scalable and accurate zero light surveillance solution available on the market for critical infrastructure, government and transportation customers, whether they're deploying a single camera in a remote location or hundreds of cameras to protect a large facility."

Source: The Sacramento Bee - VideoIQ and FLIR Announce New Thermal Analytics Processor

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