Friday, March 9, 2012

TKH Announces New Pressurized Siqura PTZ Dome Camera Line

Siqura logoTKH recently announced the release of its new advanced Siqura PTZ dome camera line, a camera line that is capable of withstanding harsh environments. The new Siqura camera line utilizes a pressurized dome housing, ensuring airtight protection against excessive moisture, dirt and pollution.

The added protection offered by the pressurized housing makes the new Siqura line perfect for situations like seaports or highway tunnels, areas where corrosive elements wreak havoc on traditional security camera systems, severely affecting performance and causing unnecessary safety and security risks.

The Siqura pressurized PTZ dome cameras also have IP67 Ingress Protection rating while the housing is constructed of materials designed to withstand intense levels of solar heat. The pressurizing of the housing, primarily with inert nitrogen gas, prevents moisture, pollution and dust from damaging the actual camera.

These new cameras also include analog and IP options as well. These cameras are capable of making precision and expediency a priority thanks to their 400° per second preset positioning capabilities, 26x or 35x auto-focus zoom lens and 12x digital zoom. In addition to that, these cameras also feature a day/night IR-cut filter and backlight compensation standard for use in any type of lighting situations. The wide dynamic range functionality also ensures excellent video quality, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Each pressurized Siqura PTZ dome camera is also capable of quad-streaming, supporting dual H.264 streams as well as two highly configurable MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or MJPEG encoders. This type of flexibility makes it easy for these cameras to offer high-quality video while simultaneously streaming network performance. If that wasn't enough, these cameras also facilitate a wide range of migration paths within IP networks.

Source: - Siqura's pressurized PTZ dome offers protection against moisture, dirt, and pollution

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