Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Security Camera from AVTech Links with Mobile Technology

AVTech AVN80XA new security camera is making its way around the markets that will reportedly allow you to receive alerts on your iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device. The camera is the AVN80X from AVTech out of Taiwan and is a networked webcam that is designed for home monitoring. The AVN80X is also wall-mountable and can be connected to either a wired or wireless home network.

Once you set it up, the AVN80X will automatically record when it detects motion and send you an alert. AVTech has already developed apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android and tablets which allow the devices to receive alerts via "push" notifications and display them to the user. As the user, you then have the ability to view the video of what has just been recorded.

The AVN80X can also be linked up to other security devices like door alarms. The camera can be set up using the iPhone or iPad apps so that the user does not need to use a computer. However, the video and alerts can also be viewed on the internet. The iOS and Android apps are available through their respective app stores while software for other mobile devices will be available from AVTech's website.

Software for Mac and Windows computers will also come with the camera, which is expected to run around $180 when it goes on sale later this year. AVTech started showing off this camera at this year's Computex TaiPei and will be pumping out more information soon.

Source: Computer Active - AVTech's security camera links to phones and tablets

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