Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Axis Debuts World's Smallest HD Security Cameras

Axis M50 SeriesSmall, smaller, smallest, that is the way technology is always headed. Everything has to be smaller, neater, cleaner, have a more professional look, etc... We've seen it in our gaming consoles, televisions, computer monitors, iPods, laptops and everything else we use in our day to day lives. The next things that appear to be getting smaller are our security cameras.

Axis Communications, one of the global leaders in network and video security cameras, has just unveiled the world's smallest pan/tilt/zoom dome camera. Known as the M50 PTZ Dome Network Camera series, this device is designed for business managers who are looking for a discrete, affordable security camera solution that allows them to remotely monitor anything from a store or bank to a hotel lobby or restaurant.

The M50 PTZ Dome Network Camera series features two models, the M5013 which will run you $499 and the M5014 which will cost you $599. This new camera series is sleek and discrete and allows you to have 360-degree surveillance of the area in which you put it in HD. The PTZ features allow operators to get perfect angles on anything they wish to monitor so they never miss a thing.

The unique design also allows these cameras to be used in place of multiple cameras thanks to the pan/tilt/zoom features and the 360-degree viewing angle. If you need a camera that provides you with an incredible field of view, is very discrete and captures images in full HD, the new M50 PTZ Dome Network Camera series from Axis Communications is the right choice for you.

Source: Tech 2 - Axis Introduces World's Smallest HD Security Cameras in India

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