Wednesday, October 26, 2011

U.S. Finally Lands Y-cam Security Cameras

Y-cam Security CamerasY-cam solutions out of the U.K. is now offering its user-friendly products in the United States. Y-cam's security cameras are designed to provide both residential and small business customers with an extremely simple way to maintain control of everything that happens on their property, whenever and wherever they want, regardless of whether they are at home or in another country.

According to Co-Founder of Y-cam Devin Chawda, "With the developments in mobile technology and the increase of internet speeds, it is now possible to safeguard your home and business with security cameras at an affordable price. Designed from the start with non-technical users in mind, Y-cam internet cameras allow you to watch your house, car, pets or businesses whenever you want and from wherever you are."

Y-cam cameras are your standard IP cameras that connect to the internet and allow you to view and hear whatever your camera is recording from anywhere in the world in real time. Each individual camera is capable of operating without the need of a computer and of producing vivid images as well as precise control and advanced options like motion detection. Y-cam cameras can detect motion, trigger alarms and even alert you directly when motion occurs.

The design of Y-cam cameras also make them easier to install and use. The installation process is very user-friendly and requires absolutely no technical background to complete correctly. The web-based interface is also very intuitive and easy to use and the internet/computer software allows you to view your cameras remotely via the internet.

In addition to that, Y-cam offers apps for mobile platforms like the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android and Y-cam MultiLive gives you a fast and easy way to view your Y-cam video stream directly from your mobile device. MultiLive applications are supported by all current Y-cam products and allow up to eight camera feeds to be saved to the phone for instant viewing.

Source: PR Newswire - Y-cam Security Cameras Arrive in the U.S. is news of, for and by SMBs! The Small & Medium Business Magazine!

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