Thursday, October 6, 2011

VideoIQ Debuts Low Temperature HD Cameras

VideoIQ iCVR D1 dome cameraVideoIQ, a leader in video surveillance innovation, just recently announced the addition of low temperature models of the company's iCVR-HD high-definition cameras as well as a low-temperature model of its iCVR D1 dome cameras. Low temperature models help extend the operating range of a camera to -30 degrees Celsius without the need for supplemental heating. This allows them to function in extremely cold conditions.

The all-in-one iCVR video surveillance solutions from VideoIQ are capable of delivering up to full 1080p HD video as well as zero bandwidth recording and zero calibration adaptive analytics. However, they do differ from your typical IP video surveillance systems in that these systems require significant bandwidth and storage capabilities whereas iCVR solutions do not.

VideoIQ's iCVR dome cameras are capable of storing up to 500GB of video captured over many months while at the same time reducing network traffic and bandwidth consumption by more than 90%. In addition to that, the adaptive analytics provided by VideoIQ never need calibrating which eliminates the need to manually tune or adjust the analytics for as long as you have the device. This also dramatically reduces the time and costs of not only installation but also maintenance.

According to VideoIQ President and CEO Ed Bednarcik, "We continue to provide innovation solutions which solve real customers' problems. By offering dome camera models with extended low temperature capabilities, we've made it easier for users to benefit from full high-definition images, category leading adaptive analytics, and distributed storage - even in the most extreme conditions."

Both the low-temperature models of the iCVR-HD high-definition cameras and low-temperature models of the iCVR D1 dome cameras from VideoIQ are available now.

Source: The Sacramento Bee - VideoIQ Introduces Low Temperature iCVR High-Definition and D1 Dome Cameras

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