Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PureTech Implements PTZ Auto Follow Capability in FLIR Thermal Cameras

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PureTech Systems Incorporated, one of the leading manufacturers of video analytic software, just announced that it has officially teamed up with FLIR to enable PTZ Auto Follow capability on FLIR's range of high-performance thermal cameras. When joined with FLIR's PTZ camera series, PureTech's PTZ Auto Follow capability will provide a powerful addition to a facility's perimeter thermal security.

PureTech's PTZ Auto Follow capability currently allows a CCTV camera to independently follow a desired target, while the software continuously identifies the target and adjusts the pan, tilt and zoom of the camera accordingly in order to keep the target centered in the camera's field of view.

PureTech now takes this feature to a whole new level by capitalizing on the advantages provided by the FLIR thermal camera line to auto follow in conditions of low light, no light, haze, smog, sunrise/sunset, low contrast scenes or precipitation. In addition to that, the feature is also designed to follow many target types, including cars, people, trucks and boats and can also be initiated in a plethora ways including a cue from a video management system, a video analytics device, an intelligent fence, access control system, GPS or radar.

The PTZ Auto Follow capability, which has been optimized for FLIR's thermal sensor and pan-tilt mechanism, also has the added flexibility to be deployed as a server-based installation or an edge device using PureTech's Scene Analyzer. In addition the PTZ Auto Follow capability can be supported via PSIM and VMS systems including PureTech's PureActive.

In a statement from Vice President of Security and Surveillance at FLIR Systems Bill Klink, "In cooperation with PureTech Systems, we've created a force multiplier for our customers, allowing hands-free control of our cameras during an intrusion event." Larry Young, Vice President of Business Development at PureTech added, "Our role in the security market is to not only enable cameras to detect intrusions with high accuracy and low false alarm rates, but also to help make the life of the security personnel a little easier. Allowing the camera to automatically follow a target without operator interaction allows first responders to react in a more efficient and timely manner."

Source: Security Info Watch - FLIR thermal cameras enabled with PureTech's PTZ follow capability

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