Friday, November 18, 2011

Two New HD Security Cameras from Bosch

Bosch Dinion HD and FlexiDome HD camerasBosch, maker of some of the most popular security cameras, has just introduced two new IP cameras in the new Dinion HD and FlxiDome HD 720p Day/Night IP cameras. Both of these cameras are top of the line and available now. In addition to that, both of these cameras come with Bosch's Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) pre-installed. The new models also give you the choice between a fixed-body or dome camera style with high definition IVA ready to go in a complete, plug-and-play system.

One benefit to these cameras having Bosch's IVA already pre-installed is that it is no longer necessary to buy separate licenses and go online to register and activate each individual IVA-equipped camera. This reduces the installation effort for you and makes the process go a lot faster and smoother as well. Intelligence embedded in the cameras also eliminates the need for an external server to run analytics software, which makes Bosch's cameras even more cost-effective and easier to manage for you.

Bosch further eases installation through something called an installation phase, as the software provides simple setup of detection criteria with a wizard-based graphical interface. Bosch IVA, working independently on each camera, offers a plethora of advanced detection functions including idle or removed objects, trajectory tracking and flow, line crossing, loitering, crowds and more.

As an operator, cameras pre-installed with Bosch IVA present a major asset to overall surveillance, supporting security personnel with a powerful and efficient event detection and alarm system. Events are flagged on-screen in real-time, enabling operators to never miss a thing. In addition to that, the images and video captured by these cameras can be stored together, giving operators the power to find any event, even ones that were not originally set up as alerts.

Source: IP Security Watch - Bosch introduces new HD cameras

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