Wednesday, December 21, 2011

American Dynamics Unveils Illustra 600 Series

American Dynamics has just unveiled its newest product, the Illustra 600 Series. This camera series is a good choice for security directors who need high HD video quality in all types of lighting conditions. These mini dome cameras are also the choice of security integrators thanks to the free auto-configuration software and the hands-free remote auto-focus and zoom capabilities.

Other places these cameras are being integrated include banking and retail with security professionals in these fields interested in the Illustra 600 IP cameras for their unique facial detection capabilities. In places like banks and retail, where theft is one of the main hazards, facial recognition is key to discovering who robbed you and how to find them.

According to Senior Product Manager for IP Cameras at American Dynamics Steve Carney, "Capturing quality facial images is important, particularly in businesses that are monitoring places like cash registers, entrances and teller lines. Unlike other cameras on the market, the Illustra 600 has the ability to detect a face and increase the bit rate around it, without cropping out important background images. This unique handling of 'regions of interest' allows the camera to save on bandwidth and storage costs."

In addition to that, the auto-focus feature allows you to control the image and automatically focus on the area required without ever having to go to the physical camera to do so. This saves you a lot of time and money on every installation and can be easily completed with a simple mouse click. Also, the outdoor cameras in the series have a Theia wide angle lens option that provides ultra-clear views and avoids "barrel-distortion", especially at long ranges.

The Illustra 600 Series cameras are compatible with American Dynamics' VideoEdge NVR v4.01, HDVR and are also compliant with ONVIF standards, providing you with a greater flexibility in your choice of recording platforms. These cameras are available now in black and white, indoor mini-dome and IP 67 rated outdoor vandal resistant mini-dome form factors and are all available via American Dynamics' worldwide distribution channels.

Source: Security Info Watch - American Dynamics introduces Illustra 600 IP cameras

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