Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Axis P33 Series Dome Cameras

The Axis P33 Network Camera Series is a dome camera series from Axis that consists of two different types of models. The first is the Axis P33 Series and the second is the Axis P3301/P3304/-V Network Camera Series. Each series offers different features that are perfectly suited for different situations and needs and each has something to offer, no matter what your security camera situation is.

The Axis P33 Series is a full-featured indoor and outdoor fixed dome camera series that is specifically designed for efficient installation. There are a total of three different versions of the P33 Series. The first is your standard indoor dome camera. This model is perfect for keeping tabs on warehouses, storage rooms or factory levels. The next version is an indoor vandal resistant model. This does everything the regular indoor model does but has extra protection against tampering. Finally, there is the outdoor vandal-resistant model. This model has an IP-rated housing that makes it impervious to weather as well as vandal-resistant features to keep it safe from tampering.

Next up is the Axis P3301/P3304/-V Series. These cameras are smaller, more discreet indoor fixed dome cameras that come with a subset of the features found in the P33 Series. The Axis P3301/P3304/-V Series comes in two different models. The first is a standard indoor model and the second is an indoor vandal-resistant model. Both cameras work pretty much like the standard P33 Series indoor and indoor vandal-resistant cameras but with the subset of features.

The IP-rated protective casings for the cameras, as well as their discreet design, make these fixed dome cameras perfect for video surveillance in exposed areas like airports, subways, retail stores, schools and university campuses. They include features like high-performance video (including HDTV quality), multiple H.264 video streams, easy installation with remote focus and zoom, outdoor-ready models designed for extreme temperatures and Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Source: Business Solutions - AXIS P33 Network Camera Series

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