Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Basler Debuts New Indoor and Outdoor HD IP Dome Cameras

Basler BIP2-D1920c-dnBasler, a specialist company in digital camera technology, has just debuted two new IP dome camera models. The two new cameras are the BIP2-D1920c-dn outdoor and BIP2-D1920c-dn indoor with the former being an outdoor AF camera and the latter being an indoor AF camera. Both devices provide auto focus features as well as full 1080p video performance at frame rates up to 30fps. In addition to that, the cameras' integrated auto focus functionality makes the installation of these cameras easier as the lens can be easily focused through the cameras' web application.

Both the BIP2-D1920c-dn outdoor and BIP2-D1920c-dn indoor cameras come with built-in micro SDHC card slots for local storage of up to 32GB of data. What's more is that this functionality has been improved and optimized in order for live streams to be recorded to an SD card. It is also possible to store single camera images in configurable time intervals on an SD card loaded into the cameras.

The housing of the outdoor model is IP66-certified aluminium and the camera also has an operating temperature range from -40 °F to +122°F (-40 °C to +50°C) and is vandal-resistant. This makes the BIP2-1920c-dn perfect for outdoor surveillance and applications, especially in tough weather conditions or dangerous areas. The indoor model comes with a lightweight plastic housing and is also suited for indoor network video projects.

According to Basler Product Manager Bjorn Weber, "With the new auto focus functionality, manual focusing is a thing of the past. Our customers can continue to benefit from the enhanced ease-of-use of our IP dome cameras."

Source: - Basler introduces full HD IP dome cameras into the market

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