Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Opgal Launches First Fire Detecting Security Camera

Opgal Optronic Industries has just added long-range fire detection and fire risk assessment capabilities to certain models of the company's high-performance, uncooled thermal cameras. This new integrated option makes Opgal the only camera manufacturer that integrates an application-specific embedded fire detection video algorithm which has the ability to sense a fire and provide an automatic safety and security notification of the actual event.

This feature is available with a plethora of lens options and is easy to integrate thanks to its interface. Facilities that contain flammable materials, transportation tunnels, combustible storage areas and perimeter sites located near flammable forests are very susceptible to fire danger. With the EyeSec Fire Detection and Fire Risk Assessment solutions, these areas now have the ability to deploy an economical automated fire detection and alert tool that provides added security and safety to any surveillance system.

With the flame detection capability enabled, your camera will be able to detect a 30in x 30in fire as far away as 2,755 feet within 5 seconds. Detection ranges increase for bigger fires up to 6m x 6m from distances as far as 4 miles away, day or night. According to Business Development Director, C3 Shared Services, South Africa Brendon Cowley, "We see many applications for a fire-detecting security camera. It can be of use within our mining industry as well as to secure residential estates, where there are also safety concerns as the monitored areas are vast and include varied and flammable vegetation."

The fire risk assessment allows the camera to set up a temperature threshold where it then scans the area of interest and sends an alert when any object in its field of view reaches this critical temperature. Luca Carraro, Product Manager for Thermal Cameras, CELTE SRL, Italy added, "Opgal EyeSec's fire risk assessment capability addresses a whole new market that so far had no suitable solution. We see a real market need for a security camera capable of identifying and alerting when objects are about to malfunction due to overheating or at risk of catching fire. The combination of security and safety enables customers to address both concerns using one unified solution and one management system."

The fire-detection capabilities of Opgal's EyeSec cameras also take advantage of the company's specialized signal and image-processing features, which observe a video scene for specific flame and temperature patterns. Both of these features pay special attention to operator alerts as well. If a fire or risk is detected, the cameras add a visual alarm overlay to the outgoing video signal and generate an alert using a standard dry contact relay or through serial or IP communication. "EyeSec cameras are known for their high-quality thermal video, produced through our proprietary signal and image processing," said Yair M. Sakov, Vice President Security Business Unit, Opgal. "With fire detection and fire risk assessment as a value added, integrated analytics option, this versatile camera family not only supports security applications but also adds a valuable safety aspect to our customer's deployments."

Source: Security Park - The First Fire Detecting Security Camera is launched by Opgal

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